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Cat Enclosure Accessories

Our accessories help make your cats life a little more interesting. With our tunnels, hammock, window boxes and cat scratchers your cat will never get bored. All of our accessories can be fitted to an existing enclosure as an extension or built into the design of our enclosure. They are easy to fit, durable and make a pleasant contribution to your enclosure.

for more examples check out these photo gallery links

habitat logs instock or fitted habitat logs

tunnels, accessories

Wooden Shelf

The wooden shelf is cheap, easy and can be used for a varity of purposes, but most importantly cats love it!!

Stretcher Hammock

Hammocks come in a variety of colours shapes and hanging options,this example is a black shadecloth hammock

Corner Hammock

Our new designed hammock, with strong sturdy metal supports and shadecloth cover to allow air flow and stop the spread of flea's. A Great addition to any enclosure.

cat enclosure shelves

Shelves are a great way to encourage your cats natural climbing instinct, while still ensuring its safety. Kitty kingdom make our own cat enclosure shelves in our factory so custom sizes and styles are easy

Dual Shelving

Giving your cat room to jump and climb, adding two or more shelves are a great activity for you cat

cat enclosure tunnel

Cat enclosure tunnels join one enclosure to another and provides constant access for you cat . Tunnels can go along the ground or go aerial to provide access to a cat run.

window box

great link between enclosure and window,custom made to fit any window

petway cat doors

kitty kingdom supply and fit cat doors to security screen doors only


cat enclosure steps are made of heavy wire mesh with a plastic cover which allows water to run off quickly.they can be fixed to any surface

insulated shelter panels

insulated panels give a shelters area from the sun and rain.Custom made to suit your needs and make a great combination with hammocks, steps. Also made to fit LITTER BOXES


ramps are any length or width they can go anywhere

window ledge

window ledges make it easy for your cat to enter the cat flap from outside

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