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"Hi Allan

The cats absolutely love their new enclosure-especially the wooden platform

where they like to stretch out to soak up the sun.

The wooden base is great as it lends itself to other platforms. The strong wire

cage made it possible to use the pipe supports. The material is a drip dry

nylon material (from blinds) so it doesn't become water logged and sags.

Thought I would send it to you, just some ideas that you or customers may

like. .

Many thanks from Hoolie Doolie, Indi and me (Wendy)"

kath wright said on Jun 13, 2010 6:38 PM

Thank you for the time you tok with me at the show today,it was very much appreciated. In July I will know more about my intended move and will contact you with an idea for a cat enclosure. Thank you.

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