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Cat enclosure products

We carry and build a wide range of cat enclosures and products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.

We custom build cat enclosures using cat net,mesh,and a panel system to make up a cat enclosure to suit your backyard!

Photos added regularly! please check back for idea's and design.

Hexagon cat enclosure with a window tunnel

Beautiful hex enclosure powdercoated green with a peaked tunnel leading into the window, giving the cat access to the house when owners are out.

Cat Hammock and Shelving

This picture you can see the cat hammock in the corner and the shelving at the top. This provides a comfortable place for the cat to sleep and a nice tidy place to put that awful kitty litter

Prices: Shelve from $10

Mesh Roof cat enclosure

This photo shows a mesh roof. Here we have enclosed half the backyard with a mesh roof, leaving plenty room for the cat to roam but still ensuring its safety.


Safety gate

Here you can see a mesh cat enclosure with a safety door. This is a great way to enclose part of the backyard, giving the cat somewhere to roam , but still having a open backyard.

Cat Netting enclosure

Cat netting is a great way to enclose your backyard, or part backyard without blocking or interrupting your view. With cat netting you can enclose the largest or smallest area. Cost effective, flexible, safe and secure, inquire about our cat netting now.

Square mesh cat enclosure

Here is a beautiful mesh Cat Enclosure with a tunnel. You can see the liner used in the tunnel to prevent the cats claws from gripping and sticking.

side of house cat enclosure

Here is an example of an enclosed side with a safety gate. A perfect way to enclose the side of your house, keeping it out of sight without taking up to much space.

These Cat Enclosures start from around $1000 Kit depending on size

Mesh and cat netting enclosure

here is a mix of materials, using mesh to cut of the patio and cat netting to enclose the roof. This allows the cats to have a large area to roam, and still have the entertaining area free. STRONG WALLS NOT NET


Corner hammocks are lightwieght and strong.The shadecloth is clean and cats love sleeping on them.

Perfect for your cat enclosure

cat tunnels

Cat tunnels are a great way to connect your Cat Enclosure to your windows, or other Cat Enclosures. Cat tunnels provide more roaming space to cats without taking up more space in your yard. Tunnels can be attached to already standing enclosures.

cat enclosure playgrounds

Cat Enclosure Playgrounds are a excellent way to entertain the friskiest of cats. Series of tunnels, hammocks, cat scratches and toys turn the basic cat enclosures to the most elaborate cat play grounds.

safety gate

Here you can see a mesh Cat Enclosure with a safety door. This is a great way to enclose part of the backyard, giving the cat somewhere to roam , but still having a open backyard.

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