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Custom Built Cat Enclosures

Custom built cat enclosures are those which are unique to suit your taste, budget and style. Kitty Kingdom are cat enclosures Perth specialists we work with cat netting,sheet metal,wire products,and steel. Custom Built cat enclosures suit people who run commercial catteries, breeders, groomers, pet shops and people who have unique ideas.

custom built Cattery with play area

This large custom built cat enclosure, cattery with play area is perfect for those running or wanting to open a commerical cattery. This cattery has used a mix of mesh and cat netting

Medium Cattery with play area

Another example of a custom built commerical cattery with a play area. This cattery is slightly smaller then the previous however is still spacious.

custom built small Cattery

This is a smaller cattery for those wishing to only house a few cats. It can be used commerical or residential.

custom built cat play ground

Custom built around existing fenced area.Kitty Kingdom erected a steel frame in the middle of the yard then enclosed with cat netting the whole area.this enclosure has two habbitat logs,hammocks under cover,shelves and suspended floor

Indoor Cattery

This is an all mesh indoor cattery, perfect for pet shops, breeders, groomers and boarding cattery. We can adapt our enclosure to suit your requirments with space and measurements.

Mesh/Cat netting Patio Enclosure

This customer designed his own enclosure with the help of our special team. With a mesh bottom and Netting top, to suit his requirments.

tower mesh

cat enclosure made from tower mesh is attached to the house

cat enclosure mesh

side of house using powder coated tower mesh

cat netting

existing area enclosed with cat netting and zip.We also can use steel framed gates

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